Offices in San Francisco and Marin County

Offices in San Francisco and Marin County

Employment Lawyers Standing Up for Workers in the San Francisco Bay Area and Marin County

The employment attorneys at McCormack & Erlich, protect workers’ rights. If you suffered illegal discrimination, sexual harassment or retaliation in the workplace, wrongful termination, or are owed wages, overtime or commissions, we will fight for you. Our employment lawyers pursue justice and compensation for employees like you everyday.

It is not easy for workers to stand up to their employers, managers, and big corporations. You need an aggressive employment attorney in your corner who will stand up for your rights against these powerful interests, and pursue the best outcome possible in your case. If you believe that you have a case, it is important to speak with one of our attorneys as soon as possible so we can determine what action can be taken to protect your interests. Call us today.

Attorneys Fighting for Unpaid Overtime and Commissions

California law strictly requires timely payment of all due wages and sales commissions. Employers must also pay overtime to hourly wage employees who work over 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Some employers misclassify workers as “exempt” employees or independent contractors to avoid paying overtime. Our lawyers can determine what you’re owed and help you recover your unpaid wages, overtime, or commissions.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Employers are required to promptly investigate sexual harassment and take action so that it stops. An employer may never retaliate against an employee for complaining of harassment. Sexual harassment can take many forms, direct or indirect, and every situation is unique. If harassment makes you uncomfortable at your job you should consult with an experienced attorney. Our lawyers can review your situation and advise you of your options.

Wrongful Termination

Being fired is always upsetting, however being fired for a discriminatory or retaliatory reason is also against the law in California. An employer may not terminate an employee for race, sex, disability, or certain other traits; nor may an employer fire someone for complaining of discrimination, harassment or other illegal acts by the employer (“whistleblowing”). The attorneys at McCormack & Erlich will evaluate your case, and fight for the best resolution.

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What our clients say about us


I can honestly say that my experience with Bryan was all the way positive from day one and if you don’t have Bryan McCormack representing you than you’re missing out on the best employment law attorneys in the state of California. From the very start Bryan was very professional and down to earth. I worked in an extremely racist and hostile work environment and experienced racist remarks etc. almost daily. Bryan dissected every element of the case and was very honest and upfront about what I would expect in the end. We had very high expectations about our case and in the end we got what we hoped for. Bryan was always 10 steps ahead and always knew what to expect. Nevertheless I am beyond satisfied with the outcome of our case and I’m happy I met Bryan and recommend him and his team to anybody looking for real professionals.

- Robie, Stockton

I had lost my job through no fault of my own. I was devastated and scared to say the least! Jason Erlich and his team took my case. They were always respectful with my fears and concerns. As the case progressed, Jason assisted me in my case, he was very responsive, knowledgable and helped me understand the process which helped ease my fears. With Jason’s expertise, commitment and aggressiveness, the case is now over and it’s only been 6 months!! I am very very happy with the outcome! I would HIGHLY recommend Jason Erlich to anyone that needs an employment lawyer. I am so grateful and lucky for finding him! He did an outstanding job!!!

- Carla, Petaluma

I was owed wages and overtime and my employer refused to pay me. So I hired them to file a lawsuit. Bryan easily understood my very complicated case and I am happy with the results.

- Ebi Z., Tiburon

I initially contacted Jason Erlich to find out some information about a severance agreement from my former employer and to understand my rights. Jason always answered my questions, responded to my emails in a very timely manner, and presented me with various options on how to approach the negotiations with my company. Jason really knows labor law and helped me understand all the “legal jargon” in the very complicated severance documents. I have recommended him to friends and would consult with him again.

- Breanna K., San Francisco

Jason Erlich made me feel like I was in the right place right away. I had some serious problems with a previous employer and he took care of everything. From the start he helped with my concerns and fears going up against a big corporation. I would recommend him to anyone who is having employment issues or discrimination or workers comp issues.

- Susan W., Pacifica

This law firm was the only one to answer the phone out of the 15-20 law firms that I called that day. Bryan and his staff are so courteous and professional. I had a wrongful termination case and Bryan really took the time to listen and understand what happened in my situation, and he knows the law to a T. Bryan was more than prepared to go to trial, but we didn’t have to because of his persistence. He believed in me and the feeling is mutual and we had a great outcome.

- Shanic M., Oakland

Jason Erlich and his team made me feel welcome right from the start. Jason took the time to explain and guide me through the challenging process, and went the extra steps in consistently providing guidance and putting my concerns and questions high on their list. I will always be thankful for Jason and his team for giving me more support than I imagined I would get. I could never thank them enough.

- Jeff V., San Francisco

I had a great experience with Bryan, as well as a nice settlement for a wrongful termination lawsuit. I never had to pay Bryan anything up front, nor was ever pressured to settle early. We ended up settling morning of the trial. Bryan is a really sharp, aggressive, seasoned attorney and knew the law inside and out about whistleblower cases. He was always one step ahead of the opposing counsel and would make them look pretty bad, their frustration and embarrassment would always show.

- Kyle B., San Francisco

I called several law firms and Bryan was the only one who answered. My roommate was Thai, has problems with English, and had worked so much overtime, with no pay. Long story short, Bryan received a large judgment, for her. Bryan was very patient and easy to talk with and never asked for any money up front... thank you.

- Richard B., Pacifica

I used the firm to file a lawsuit for expenses and overtime. Bryan McCormack impressed me from the initial consultation when he inquired in detail about my situation rather than jumping into the case and promising the heavens. I didn’t have to pay anything- the firm took the whole risk of managing the case. Through the 14 months, Bryan always kept me updated, was very responsive and patient to questions I had. We settled out of court in my favor making me even happier about the experience.

- Peter S., San Francisco

LIFESAVER – MR BRYAN McCORMACK What a relief it was to have someone who listened and understood all my concerns and helped me get back on my feet after the NIGHTMARE problems I had with very hard overtime case and I was in very bad position. I won my trial and I got more than I expected. Everyone in the office is so nice and helpful. Even after everything was finished I could call a few weeks after and ask questions to make sure I was protected and they are more than helpful.

- Husain N., San Francisco

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