What Should I Consider Before Filing a Discrimination, Harassment, or Wage Abuse Lawsuit?

Lawsuits can be a time-consuming, stressful, and expensive experience. Sometimes there are simpler options. Ask yourself these questions to help decide whether you're ready to pursue legal action.

  • 1.  Are there other possible ways to remedy your situation rather than filing a lawsuit? Have you considered an alternative like mediation, neutral evaluation or arbitration? Have you tried to settle the matter by talking with the person you want to sue? Do you think doing so might work? Have you reached a point where you feel that a lawsuit really is the best solution?
  • 2.  Is the person or company you want to sue in a financial position to pay you if you win your case? If not, you may be wasting your own time and money.
  • 3.  Do you have a good case and are you still within the statute of limitations to sue? (If you don't know, an attorney can help you with these questions during an initial consultation.)
  • 4.  Do you have the time to pursue a lawsuit? Lawsuits involve deadlines. Even if you have an attorney handling your case, you will need to be available to answer questions, review documents, attend depositions and possibly attend court hearings. Your attorney will depend on you to return phone calls and provide information in a timely fashion.
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I can honestly say that my experience with Bryan was all the way positive from day one… We had very high expectations about our case and in the end we got what we hoped for.

Robie, Stockton